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Airhawk 2 Seat Pads

For V-Strom DL 650

  • Unique inflatable, multiple-cell design for the ultimate in comfortable sesating and vibration absorption
  • Made from polyurethane and features a breathable, stretchable outer cover and a nonskid urethane base to protect your seat
  • Feature open-mesh side panel to allow air circulation through individual air cells creating extra ventilation to reduce heat buildup
  • Patented Shape Fitting Technology eliminates painful pressure points and promotes consistent blood flow for longer, more comfortable ride
  • Automatically adjusts to the shape of the rider
  • Raises ride-height only slightly
  • Securely fastens via double strap system running under seat or pillion
  • Will not scratch or disfigure existing seat or pillion
  • Valve for inflation, adjustment and deflation

    Choose from the following:

Medium (14" L x 14" W)
Part#: 0807-0095

Price: $99.95

Small (18" L x 12" W)  
Part#: 0807-0096
Price: $99.95


Small Pillion (11" L x 9" W)
Part#: 0807-0097
Price: $89.95

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