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Price: $ 10.45
Part #: 201-0000


The Freedom Hybrid Flashlight is the technology that gives you the freedom of choice:

1.) Click once for lithium (battery) powered light
2.) After shaking a few times, click twice for endless self-generated light

- Hybrid Technology (Operates with or without batteries) 
- Super-Bright LED light that will last for OVER 100,000 hours!!! 
- Shock resistant & rubber guarded on both ends 
- Watertight seal around switch and capacitor casing - designed to float and operate under water!!! 
- Operates in extreme hot or cold temperatures 
- Capacitor can be charged over 100,000 times
- Superior ultra-hard polyethylene casing
- Safety lanyard attached
- Available in Clear 
- FREE Bonus LED Key-Ring 
- Every Freedom Hybrid Flashlight includes a Limited Lifetime Warranty
- The perfect item/gift for all KLR riders alike!!!

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