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RIGHT Front Pads -
$ 34.61

Part #: 034-0179
LEFT Front Pads -
$ 34.61

Part #: 034-0174
REAR Brake Pads -
$ 34.61

Part #: 034-0134
   Green Galfer Brake Pads (GG-Rated)  

For V-Strom DL 650 Fits 2004 ~ 2014

If you need your V-Strom to stop on a dime, then the Green Galfer Brake Pads are just for you. These super high performance brakes offer continuous braking with no fade and last longer than comparable pads under street and off-road conditions.

These brakes can also adjust to abrupt temperature and moisture changes as well as be used in all types of riding whether it is street, dirt, race, and/or any combination of each.

If rotor wear is a concern, then these brakes are the optimum choice. Their combinations of various organic and inorganic materials offer a tough yet soft composition that causes minimal damage to rotors.

Composition: Kevlar Fibers, Aramid, Ceramics, Polyacrylics, and Inorganic Materials.

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