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DUNLOP D607 Dual - Sport/Street
  • Tread pattern features wide, stable central blocks with large grooves for superb water drainage, and small grooves for optimal wear

  • Single-radius design maintains a consistent footprint at different lean angles for improved feel and progressive steering response

  • The rear tire combines Jointless Band (JLB) construction with Dunlop Carcass Tension Control System (CTCS) for enhanced cornering and wear performance, excellent high-speed stability and exceptional tire compliance 

FRONT 110/80HR19 $ 126.06
Part #: 010-3311

REAR 150/70R17 $ 153.38
Part #: 010-3391

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Series 705 Tires Dual Sport
  • The 705 is designed for 75% on-road applications, and 25% trail.
  • Tread design provides excellent grip during wet or dry conditions

FRONT 110/80-19 $ 110.95
Part #: 010-MXE19

REAR 150/70-17 $ 124.95
Part #: 010-MXE17

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  • Improved carcass structures for enhanced straight line stability at high speed with smooth rolling characteristics for long distance journeys

  • Perfect combination of long mileage capability for extended touring use and great traction also on off-road surfaces thanks to the specific all-round compound

  • Great grip at all lean angles with light and precise handling make riding easier in all weather conditions

FRONT 110/80VR19 $ 146.00
Part #: 010-7800

REAR 150/70VR17 $ 185.44
Part #: 010-7900

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  • Superb traction on dry and wet surfaces

  • Great handling at low and high speeds

  • Open tread pattern delivers impressive traction on dirt roads


FRONT 110/80HR19 $ 153.38
Part #: 010-1347

REAR 150/70HR17 $ 175.44
Part #: 010-1998

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AVON Distanzia AM43: Adventure Sport
  • Biased towards on-road use but also very capable on dirt tracks

  • Rubber compound specially formulated for excellent wet and dry grip

  • Superb tire life Distinctive, rugged-looking tread pattern

  • Special compound Supermoto variants

FRONT 110/80R19 $ 169.95
Part #: 010-7813

REAR 150/70HR17 $ 199.95
Part #: 010-5112
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